Zen Meditation Retreats for Increasing Mindfulness

We strongly encourage everyone to step back from their busy lives and attend retreats as often as possible. They are a wonderful way to deepen your practice.  

We have been offering meditation retreats for over 25 years. We now offer 3 seven-day retreats each year as well as several three-day meditation retreats. These retreats are non-residential and are conducted in deep silence. They involve intensive meditation, daily dharma talks, interviews with teachers, morning services, work practice rest, the Practice of Immediacy in the Arts® and 3 delicious Zen home-cooked meals a day (meals for full-time participants).

If you live in the area you can sleep at home.

If you are traveling from a distance, the Zen Center is located about 20 minutes drive from either the O'hare International Airport or the Midway Airport. You may make reservations at The Carleton of Oak Park which is close to the Green Line train which goes right by the Zen Center. It's about a 5 minute train ride away. You  may choose to also find cheaper accommodations at local Airbnb's. There are many such rental opportunities in Oak Park. If you wish, we can also provide you with car transportation to and from your hotel or Airbnb, as long as it's within the immediate area of the Zen Center.  

We ask that you have an established meditation practice before you come to the 7-day retreats. 

Upcoming 2019 Meditation Retreats:

Spiritual Warrior Retreat: March 17 - 23


Spiritual Warrior Retreat
March 17 - 23

This is a nonresidential retreat held at Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago, located in Oak Park, Illinois. The retreat will be held in deep silence. It includes intensive meditation, morning Zen services, daily dharma talks, Practice of Immediacy™, private interviews with teachers, work practice, rest and 3 delicious home-cooked Zen meals each day. See schedule below:


  • Retreat begins Sunday, March 17th at 7:00 pm

  • Retreat ends Saturday, March 23rd at 9:00 pm


  • 525/$420 for Members

Part Time Costs:

  • All Mornings Retreat - $175/$140 for Members

  • All Evenings Retreat - $175/$140 for Members

The only part-time passes are available for 7 day retreats and consists of participating in all of the morning meditations or all of the evening meditations. 

We will only be able to refund your fee, if you cancel at least one week before the retreat. The passes you buy for a retreat are only good for that retreat and no others.