Meditation is a way to be with yourself with kindness and curiosity.

Given the times we are living in most of us are experiencing increased work loads, job insecurity or other losses that cause more stress and anxiety. When stress becomes too great it can affect many areas of our life, decreasing our ability to be effective and achieve our personal goals. There is now well-established clinical evidence pointing to the many benefits of mindfulness meditation. For instance, it is known that meditation can lower stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, strengthen emotional balance, strengthen immune system and increase focus and impulse control. 

At Zen Life & Meditation Center (ZLMC), mindfulness meditation is the cornerstone of living a Zen-inspired life. It is taught and practiced at ZLMC in a secular way that makes it easily accessible to everyone. ZLMC has developed a unique, core curriculum that teaches beginners meditation, how to practice mindfulness meditation and live a Zen-inspired life.