Community Wellness

Learn how Mindfulness can strengthen your community and build resilience

Burn-out is all too common in many service organizations, especially health-care services. Our Zen Center can give your employees important mindfulness tools to build resilience and prevent burn-out. By practicing mindfulness activities such as Council Circle or the GRACE process your employees can thrive and be of service in challenging environments where suffering presents itself on a daily and hourly basis. We will come to your place of work and work with you, and we will customize a program to meet your unique needs.

Our programs can help your organization

  • Decrease stress

  • Build resilience and prevent burn-out

  • Strengthen relationships, teams and communities

  • Increase focus and awareness

  • Strength an intentional empathic connection of strong compassion with your employees and your clients

The Zen Life & Meditation Center of Chicago is pioneering ways of effectively using mindfulness in many diverse work settings. We have provided mindfulness to many corporations. Now we are providing mindfulness and two important skills of Council Circle and the GRACE process for service organizations such as hospitals, medical centers, schools, churches, first responders and community organizations and non-profits.

Call 708.689.1220 or email, to find out how we can help your organization.

"I have known Roshi Robert Althouse for over a decade. As the Director of Wellness at the Advocate Christ Family Medicine Residency, I invited him to speak to our residents. He presented a short, meaningful talk regarding accessing mindfulness in a way that allows compassion to empower ourselves and our resilience. He dealt with concepts that are currently very hot in the academic - and lay - medical literature (resilience, compassion, awareness, serve) and used them as a sprinboard to introduce next steps in grappling with these concepts (intention, attune, emerge). He provided a simple rubric and set of steps to practice these skills of Wellness. The residents were appreciative of the talk and the practical approach and suggestions. I hope to bring him back soon as he is a valuable teacher supporting Meaning in Medicine, longevity of practice, intention of professional practice and development, as well as personal Mindfulness. I recommend his lecture on GRACE."

Cynthia Ohata, MD
Director of Wellness
Advocate Christ Family Medical Center