Why Consider ZLMC?

1. Easily Accessible
Our Zen Center is located one block from the Austin Green line, on the corner of Lake St. and N. Humphrey in Oak Park, 60302 There is ample parking on the street.

2. Unique Curriculum
ZLMC has developed a comprehensive curriculum that consists of two levels. The first level is called the Foundations of Mindfulness series and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to begin practicing mindfulness meditation. The second level teaches you how to live a Zen-inspired life. These Zen teachings will help you find meaning and purpose in your life and find a more fulfilling and effetive way to live your life. Additionally, for those seeking a deeper understanding of Zen, we have an advanced study curriculum featuring more one on one instruction with our Zen teachers.

3. A New, Modern Approach to Zen, Relevant to Our 21st Century Culture
ZLMC has translated an ancient Zen tradition into modern culture that makes these wisdom teachings more available and relevant to everyone. We do this by using skill sets from western culture, drawn from psychology, science and philosophy. While we respect the Zen traditions from the East, we do not bring the ritualistic practices into our core curriculum. We instead advocate a Zen-inspired lifestyle that is contemporary to today's American culture.

4. Free Weekly Meditation
ZLMC offers free weekly meditation that is open to everyone regardless of religion or culture. No prior Zen or meditation experience is necessary. This meditation is available on select weekdays consistently throughout the year and can be done inside or outside our facility.

5. Compassionate Teaching
ZLMC offers a safe and compassionate environment for you to become more self-aware, accept yourself, heal, and grow. Using a variety of approaches, we teach, as a foundational principle, that your true nature is unconditionally loving and worthwhile.

 6. Gracious Hosts Committed to Your Development
ZLMC is led by Zen Master Robert Althouse, and Sensei June Tanoue, who also are married are the co-founders of the Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago. They accept everyone with warmth, understanding and care and strive to make the practice suitable to your personal development needs. 

7. A Warm-Hearted Community that Embraces Diversity
ZLMC doesn't just embrace diversity because it's politically correct. We actually value and understand the richness and strength that diversity brings to our spiritual community. We recognize that diversity comes in many forms and we gladly accept it at our Center.

8. Healing Services and a Safe Haven for Those in Need
In addition to our unique core curriculum, ZLMC provides many other offerings such as workshops, retreats and Sunday Morning Zen programs that will meet your needs for a healing, loving and safe community. 

9. A YOU FIRST Approach with High Professional Standards
We understand that many of you are proactively striving to reach a higher level of personal achievement, while others are seeking relief to common problems such as stress, anxiety, fear and grief. Whatever the challenge, your development is our #1 priority. To do so, we are constantly refining and improving our services to meet your needs. We are also aware of evolving trends and social challenges in our culture and are using these as inspiration to develop new and relevant offerings for our constituents. 

10. Many Ways to Stay Connected 24/7
We value two-way communication and offer many ways for you to stay connected to ZLMC. We offer interactive classes, workshops, special teachings, events, and retreats for our Zen community. We send out a monthly e-newsletter. Whether it's the Facebook Fan Page or the Zen Life Blog, your comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. To monitor our performance verse your expectations, ZLMC formally conducts confidential surveys of our core curriculum classes. Refinements are made to our offerings accordingly. As well, you can always approach one of our teachers after class to get clarification on an issue or give feedback.