Vision, Mission, Values


To live in an awakened world that transforms suffering into compassion and delusion into clarity through the realization of authentic expression.


To empower you to live an authentic life of openness, empathy and clarity.

Core Values

  • Live a life of openness, showing respect and kindness to everyone.
  • Be genuine and true to yourself and others.
  • Practice openness and fearlessness in the fact of conflict.
  • Face your fears as opportunities for learning and transformation.
  • Create and appreciate beauty.
  • Have integrity, keep your word, honor your agreements.
  • Respect others with faith and loyalty.
  • Acknowledge awareness of rank, without guilt, when it arises in diverse settings.
  • Respect differences in world views as opportunities for learning and enrichment.

Basic Principles

  • Zen's moral foundation lies in the elimination of suffering.
  • Appreciate the principle of inter-connectedness among all people.
  • In meditation – let go of outcomes, goals and agendas.
  • Path is the goal. Entering the stream of experience is the way home.
  • The source of suffering is a mis-perception of self and reality. There is no one to blame.
  • Be open and accept all experience without bias.
  • Practice attention in all areas – especially the small things.
  • Three Marks of Existence: impermanence, suffering, no self
  • Principle of Earth, Heaven and Man: grounding – letting go – awakening the heart.
  • Three Liberations: awakening – engaging–connecting.
  • Four Truths: suffering – it's cause – it's elimination – path for eliminating suffering
  • Ten Perfections: generosity – moral integrity – patience – exertion – mindfulness – clarity – capacity for effective action – aspiration – spiritual power – discernment