New Home Fund Campaign

We’re Back on Track

For the last 8 years, ZLMC has rented a small storefront on the east-side of Oak Park, Illinois. Because of our growth and success, we have out-grown this space. We began searching for our new home in early 2018 and found a mixed-use space at 46 Lake Street, Oak Park that met our needs and with excellent upgrades to the building’s infrastructure.

In order to secure a loan and make a downpayment, we mounted a fundraising effort with a goal of raising $150,000 last fall. In a remarkable show of support, we raised this amount in just ten weeks from some 200 plus donors. Through this process we have learned that our location in Oak Park matters, and that this space will meet our needs for future growth and service to our community.

Now, in order to purchase the 46 Lake Street building and cover start up costs such as professional services, signage, appliances, furniture and minor repairs we aim to raise $50,000 for our New Home Fund. A generous donation of $20,000 from an anonymous donor has jump-started reaching this goal! We want to raise the remaining $30,000 by late Spring.


We hope that you’re as happy as we are and will contribute to our New Home Fund. You’ll deepen ZLMC’s roots of peace and spread our branches within Oak Park and the greater Chicago-lands community. Please help us now in our push to the close!

Many Hearts Make One Home,

GEMS Circle

Susan Keijo Sensemann, Co-Steward
Rev. Diane Myogetsu Bejcek, Co-Steward
Gina Eshin Bilotto
Moira Bryan
Ian Jokai Davis
Skye Lavin
Vivienne Lund
Lori Shinko Snyder
Linda Gyokuzan Warring
Sensei June Ryushin Tanoue
Roshi Robert Joshin Althouse

Give Now. Give Today.

"When we share our light with others, we do not diminish our own light. Rather, we increase the amount of light available to all . . . When out of gratitude we use our candle to light other people's candles, the whole room gets brighter."

Master Sheng Yen
from "Rich Generosity"

"When you are practicing generosity, you should feel a little pinch when you give something away. That pinch is your stinginess protesting. If you give away your old, worn-out coat that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing, that is not generosity. There is no pinch. You are doing nothing to overcome your stinginess; you’re just cleaning out your closet and calling it something else. Giving away your coat might keep someone warm, but it does not address the problem we face as spiritual practitioners: to free ourselves from self-cherishing and self-grasping.”  

Gelek Rinpoche

To give by check, please make your check out to “Zen Life & Meditation Center” - and put in memo “New Home Fund”. Mail checks to ZLMC, 38 Lake St. 2E, Oak Park, IL 60302. We are grateful for all donations, large and small.

 The Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit religious organization, so your donation is fully tax deductible. 

Art Exhibition Fund Raisers

Several art exhibitions will be held in our current space at 38 Lake Street to raise money for our New Home Fund.

“The Circle of the Way” - Exhibition of Paintings by Lori Shinko Snyder

Exhibition: March 3–17, 2019

I started painting Enso's in 2017 while in retreat (sesshin), after being inspired from reading Kazuaki Tanahashi. I realize that in order to paint the Enso, I need to be completely present for the brush, the paper, and the paint, and then the Enso paints me. I am changed from each one I paint, and surprised by what shows up each time. It is a practice of watching your mind, and being alive for the moment as it is. 
~ Lori Shinko Snyder

All paintings are for sale, and all proceeds will go to the New Home Fund.


“The Pattern That Connects” Exhibition of Paintings by Roshi Robert Joshin Althouse

Opening: Sunday, March 6 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Exhibition from March 6 through April 20, 2019

A sacred thread weaves a tapestry of blood and bones, skin and hair, wings and feathers, leaves and branches, mountains and rivers. Layer upon layer. Thread upon thread. Strings and holes are always whole and laced together in a web of ever-changing circumstance.

Works in this exhibition are selected from six bodies of work including: The Pattern that Connects, Evolution,, Metamorphosis, Pamsula, 10 Ox-herding Pictures and Seasons of Zen. A slide show of this exhibition and a larger collection of my other works may be seen on my website at

I am a painter and my medium is the computer, where I draw using a stylus on a wacom tablet and then print to various surfaces such as paper, canvas, or as in the case for this exhibition, metal. 

~ Roshi Robert Joshin Althouse

All paintings are for sale, and all proceeds will go to the New Home Fund. Should you live outside the Chicago area and wish to purchase one of these, we can arrange to have a metal print mailed to you at any size you choose.