Mission and Values

Through its vision, mission and values the Zen Life & Meditation Center seeks to cultivate a community of openness, generosity and wisdom. 

The core values are intended to encourage each of us to continually examine the basic attitude and conduct necessary to live an authentic life of openness, empathy and clarity. All members and active participates are assumed to be willing to abide by these core values for the benefit of themselves, for the ZLMC and its Sangha community, and for the welfare of others. It is through our efforts that mutual trust and respect and the joy of practice will flourish in our Sangha. 


Our vision is to live in an awakened world that transforms suffering into compassion and delusion into clarity through the realization of authentic expression.


Our mission is to empower you to live a Zen-inspired life of openness, empathy and clarity. 

Core Values

  • Live a life of openness, showing respect and kindness to everyone.

  • Be genuine and true to yourself and others.

  • Practice openness and fearlessness in the face of conflict.

  • Face your fears as opportunities for learning and transformation.

  • Create and appreciate beauty.

  • Have integrity, keep your word, honor your agreements.

  • Respect others with faith and loyalty.

  • Acknowledge awareness of rank, without guilt, when it arises in diverse settings.

  • Respect difference in world views as opportunities for learning and enrichment.

Raising Concerns

We are human and so contain within our hearts all the possibilities of being human. Something may happen within our Sangha community that causes concern. Ideally we can approach one another and speak of any such concern. We strongly encourage this as a first step. Sometimes this doesn’t feel comfortable or right, or perhaps, even safe. If so, a process is in place to smooth the way toward reconciliation through the Center's formal grievance and reconciliation procedure. 

Code of Ethics and Grievance Procedures

In 2015 the Zen Life & Meditation Center Board of Directors completed work on a Code of Ethics for ZLMC Teachers and Instructors. The board also completed work on drawing up a Grievance and Reconciliation Procedure. The board of directors voted and approved both of these ethical codes and procedures in 2015. 


Equity Policy: The Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago is committed to providing dharma teachings to anyone regardless of their ability to pay. We have set up a Dharma Fund which our members contribute to in order to support this policy. As a result, partial scholarships are always available for any of our programs or offerings.