Living a Zen-inspired Life

We are living through times of enormous upheaval and stress. Job-insecurity is at an all-time high. We are faced with a bewildering array of choices on a daily basis, and a technological environment that is fast paced and all pervasive. As a culture, we no longer seem to share a common ground. It's easy to feel bewildered, disoriented and fearful.

If you feel some disconnect taking place, you are not alone. The "can-do" spirit of Americans has given way to increasing pessimism and cynicism. Even if you work hard and play by the rules life still seems unmanageable. This takes its toll on us. With no solid ground to stand on, it's easy to doubt yourself as you struggle to find your way.

The authentic practice of Zen can offer you a path through the turmoil. Zen was born in China during a time even more chaotic than our own. It thrived because it helped people adapt and work effectively with rapidly changing conditions. It can help you do the same today.

Zen is about letting something grow out of the native soil of your own life. Like plants, your life is rooted in your own conditioning, culture, language and beliefs. A Zen-inspired life style is about how you cultivate that soil to support your life. And in Zen, this is done through the regular practice of meditation. This practice is a way of empathically keeping company with your self. And this simple practice, supported by new findings in neuroscience, is the foundation of a more effective life of openness, empathy and clarity.

A Zen-inspired life is pro-active. It gives you time to reflect, to respond, to connect with others, and to build trust in relationships. When you do this well, you'll discover a larger world of possibilities, and one that is workable, no matter how difficult the challenge. A Zen-inspired life can be your life and the way you learn to contribute your unique gifts to the world around you