Karate Classes

The Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago is pleased to offer Karate classes taught by Sensei Marco Maciel. Karate is a martial arts form that can help you harmonize body and mind and improve your physical and mental well-being, It can help you strengthen values such as fearlessness, confidence, perseverance, personal integrity, self-esteem and leadership skills.

All of the following classes will take place at the Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago, located at 38 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60302. All inquiries should be addressed to the teacher, Sensei Maciel at marco.maciel@zlmc.org

Karate classes temporarily closed for month of October - future classes to be announced.

Traditional Japanese Karate for Youth                         

This class is open to youth, 6-15 years of age. All youth must have the approval of their parents to participate in the class. You can download the release form below. This release form must be signed by the parent and brought to the first class the youth participates in.

Adult's Karate Class,

These classes are open to all adults and teenagers aged 16 years and older. All participants must sign and present a release form, (download it below) at their first class. If person is a minor, they must have the form signed by their parent or legal guardian.


Sensei Marco Maciel

Sensei Marco Maciel

 Sensei Maciel Marco is currently an Instructor Trainee with the Japan Karate Association. World Federation. This is the first Instructor Trainee program of its kind in and is highly respected. Sensei Maciel holds the rank of  3rd Dan (Sandan) with the JKA W/F. This prestigious curriculum is offered only to prospects who have shown excellence in competitions, contributed to the organization and excelled in character in both the Dojo and in life. Prospects are selected by the JKA's board members of their particular country by recommendations from senior instructors. Completion of the entire program takes three years.

Sensei Maciel Marco, a qualified Judge, is Assistant Instructor for the USA Central Region. Sensei Maciel was USA JKA National  Kumite (Sparring) Champion in 2009,  as well as the Pan American JKA runner up (Silver Medalist) in men's individual Kumite in 2011 in which he faced contestants from six countries: Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA, Guyana, Panama and Canada. Sensei Maciel has also placed 3rd in Kata (Forms) at the USA Nationals in Santa Fe and (?) Arizona in 2013 and has been Illinois State Champion on several occasions.

Sensei Maciel has over 18 years of experience teaching children and adults. He is currently assistant coach to multiple state and national children's champions in the United States of America National Karate Federation (www.usankf.org) which is the only governing organization of the International Olympic Committee.

Sensei Maciel started his Karate training in 1997 with Sensei Enzo Ortega, former JKA National Kata Champion. He also trained with Sensei Colin Smith, former JKA South African champion.  Sensei Smith received the Bronze medal at the JKA World Championships in Philadelphia, USA in 1994. He continues to study directly under Sensei Neeraj Dhawan, 6th Dan (Rokudan) JKA. Sensei Dhawan was 10 time All India JKA Champion as well as JKA Grand Champion multiple times, winning both Kata (forms) and Kumite (Sparring), at the same competition. Sensei Dhawan was also declared Champion at several all styles competitions with the WKF of India.

Sensei Maciel continues to train and research diligently to ensure that all students benefit and excel on their journey in Karate-Dō (The Way of the Empty Hand).

How the Classes Work

All beginning students must start by enrolling in a 3 month training, and then, after that, may enroll in classes on a monthly basis. Students may also enroll in single drop-in classes.

All first time students must complete the Karate Release Form. Click on this link, and download the pdf document to your computer. Print it, fill it out and sign it and bring it to the first class. Give it to Sensei Maciel. 

FEES: Classes may be paid for online here, by credit card, or by check at the Zen Center.

  • 1 Class/Week - 3 Month Youth Beginner's Pass: $240

  • 1 Class/Week - 3 Month Adult Beginner's Pass: $270 / $240 Member

  • 2 Classes/Week - 3 Month Adult Beginner's Pass: $360 / $300 Member

AFTER INITIAL 3 MONTHS BEGINNERʻS PASS Tuition may continue Monthly at these rates:

  • 1 Month Child Pass: $80

  • 1 Class/Week - 1 Month Adult Pass: $90 / $80 Member

  • 2 Classes/Week - 1 Month Adult Pass: $120 / $100 Member

Single Drop-in Class$25 for child or adult

Rules of Conduct


Email all questions and inquiries to Sensei Maciel at Marco.Maciel@ZLMC.org