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Core Curriculum

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our Core Curriculum that will offer a first and second level of classes. The first level will be what we used to call the Primer Series. The content of this series remains the same, but the name will change to Foundations of Mindfulness. As always we recommend you take these classes in the order they are given, as they build upon each other. Over 3,000 people have taken this first level of classes on mindfulness meditation from Oak Park, all over Chicago and even neighboring states. We now have 7 Zen Life Instructors that have trained specially to teach this series.

We are eliminating the Gateway Series altogether and replacing it with a second level of classes called the Zen Life Series taught by our own Zen Master, Robert Joshin Althouse. This series will teach what we consider to be the Core practice of our Zen Buddhist tradition, the Six Paramitas. It will be taught by our own Zen Master, Robert Joshin Althouse, and it will explore traditional Zen and Buddhist teachings, using many of the terms of that tradition.

While the first series is designed to give beginners a good foundation in establishing a mindfulness meditation practice and draws on many secular disciplines such as neuroscience and psychology, the second series will draw more on philosophical, spiritual and traditional Zen Buddhist teachings.

We believe this two series represent the heart of what we are practicing at the Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago and we are delighted to finally offer them in this way to you. You can find more detailed information about each series, under our Core Curriculum menu on this web site.

We are deeply honored to share these teachings with you. This is our passion and our commitment to empower you live a meaningful and purposeful, Zen-inspired life.