Friend of ZLMC

Our Mission: To empower you to live a Zen-inspired life of openness, empathy and clarity.

The Zen Life & Meditation Center of Chicago is supported in many ways by the strength of it's offerings and programs and by generous donors wishing to carry forward and strengthen our mission and our reach into the community.

Friends of the ZLMC is a multi-year giving program where donors pledge a fixed amount each month to help support the Center and ensure it sustainability for the long-term. Friends receive the same discounts and benefits as ZLMC members.

You may join them in any of the following areas of giving:

    • Pathfinder; $240/yr for 3 years ($20/month)
    • Peacekeeper; $500/yr for 3 years ($42/month)
    • Ox Herder; $1,000/yr for 3 years ($83/month)
    • Gatekeeper; $5,000/yr for 3 years ($417/month)
    • Steward; $10,000/year for 3 years ($833/month)

We welcome your generosity and your desire to help us grow and fulfill our mission. To become a Friend of ZLMC, call the office today at 708.689.1220.