Foundations of Mindfulness Series

Learn Mindfulness Meditation Today

We are excited to announce that we have changed the name of our Primer Series. Beginning next year, in 2019 we will call the series Foundations of Mindfulness. The comprehensive content will remain the same. The series will still consist of 8 classes that and two practice sessions. These classes will ground you in the fundamentals of living a Zen-inspired life. Two series are taught each quarter, one on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 pm and on Saturday morning from 10-11:30 am. 

Once you have purchased a class or series, simply arrive on the date of the class you wish to attend and you will be registered as a participant.

Primer 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

This class will provide an overview of what it means to live a western life influenced by Zen principles.   It will teach you how cultivating mindfulness can benefit many areas of your life and will show you how to begin practicing mindfulness meditation.

The class will  include a short guided-meditation and present concepts of "reactivity", "hub of awareness", "mindfulness", "integration", and "resilience". 

Primer 2: Foundations for Zen-inspired Living

This class will integrate the practice of mindfulness within the larger context of living a Zen-inspired life. It will ground you in your lived experience and help you overcome some of the crippling effects of shame that prevent you from trusting a larger, more authentic, sense of yourself.

It will introduce a breathing exercise and a Loving-kindness meditation. This class will present concepts of "7 Points of Meditation Posture", "shame", and "Loving-Kindness meditation". 

Primer 3: One-Pointed Attention and Mindfulness Meditation

This class will teach you the nuts and bolts of how to meditate, and what physical posture to use if you sit on the floor or a chair. Practicing one-pointed mindfulness meditation can improve the quality of your attention and bring you increased focus. This can have a profound transformative effect on almost all areas of your life.

This class will present concepts of "practice", "one-pointed attention", and "elephant and rider". The class will include 10 minutes of meditation

Primer Practice Class 1

This class will give you a unique opportunity to practice the meditation you have learned so far in the Primer classes. It will consist of a brief review and then the majority of the class will be taken up with actual silent meditation practice. The class will conclude with Q&A on previous concepts presented in Primer 1, Primer 2 and Primer 3.

Primer 4: Living a Life of Openness

This class will help you learn to live more comfortably with uncertainty, change and loss. You'll learn some of the many benefits of living more openly, such as increased vitality, joy and freedom from fear.

The class will include a guided meditation and 15 minutes of silent meditation. The class will present concepts of "teachability", "openness', 'karma', "not knowing" and 'focusing'.

Primer 5: Connecting with Others

In this class you'll learn about the practice of bearing witness to your experience with more precision. You'll learn to identify 8 core emotions and you'll learn an 8-step process for managing and regulating your emotions.You'll learn how managing your emotions can help you connect with others more skillfully.

The class will include 15 minutes of silent meditation to help you integrate the material you've learned. The class will present concepts of "bearing witness", "8 core emotions", "cognitive distortions", "needs awareness" and "compassionate communication'. 

Primer 6: Finding Clarity

This class will introduce you to a way of seeing yourself and the world around you with increased precision and clarity. You'll learn about how you construct a false sense of self that is the root cause of much of your suffering. Finding clarity can help you discern what is important and what is not. It will help you trust your own experience in a way that is less reactive and more proactive.

The class will include a 15-minute meditation. The class will present concepts of "ego", "projection", "wisdom" and 'big mind'.

Primer 7: Navigating with Open Awareness

This class will introduce you to a new mindfulness practice called Open Awareness. Open Awareness will increase your clarity and skill in handling many challenging life situations by bringing mindfulness into every aspect of your daily life.

Guided meditations will help you move back and forth between one-pointed attention and open awareness. The class will include 15-minutes of silent meditation. It will include concepts of "open awareness", "mindful learning" and "aspirational energy". 

Primer Practice Class 2

This class will give you an opportunity to practice the meditation you have learned so far in the Primer classes. Following a brief review, the rest of the class will consist of silent mindfulness meditation. The class will conclude with Q&A about concepts presented in Primer 4, Primer 5, Primer 6 and Primer 7.

Primer 8: Taking the Path of Liberation

This class will help you orient your life through principles of Zen-inspired living. You'll learn to trust your natural generosity by activating your own aspirational energies. You'll learn how to flip from coping to transforming. When you orient your life in this way, you'll find an increased sense of meaning and purpose to everything you do. You'll have more vitality, joy and peace of mind.

The class will include a 15-minute silent meditation. The class will present concepts of "soft spot", "living by vow" and "compassion". 


Cost and Terms

1 Foundations Class: $25
Foundations Series - Member: $165
Foundations Series - Nonmembers: $195

Whenever you purchase a series of classes at ZLMC you save money on the price per class. If you pay for the ten classes individually it will cost you $250. If you purchase the series of 10 classes, for members it will cost $165 (33% discount) and for nonmembers it will cost $195 (22% discount). 

You may take Foundations 1, and if at the end of that class you wish to buy the series, we'll give you one opportunity to upgrade to the series cost subtracting the $25 you've already paid from the series cost. 

If you've paid for the series and you miss a class, you have one quarter to retake that class without having to pay for that class again.