Council Curriculum: Week 6

Theme of the Week: integration: what are you noticing?

Council Prompt of the Week
For use during your circle this week.

Visit from Trainers this Week

Full group session on date

Suggested Study and Practice

With this week's topic in mind, below you will find material that we invite you to explore and practice on your own

or with a small group. If possible, try to do so prior to your weekly Council circle.


This week please review the past five weeks of thees and assignments and revisit the writing and reflection that you have done. In reviewing material that has emerged from your reflection and practice, pay attention to themes, shifts, surprises, and anything else that strikes you. . . 

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Below are suggestions for writing topics in your own personal "Gratitude Journal."

Daily Gratitude Practice: Write down something for which you are grateful.

This Week's Reflection

After revisiting the writing you have done these past five weeks, anything that strikes you, anything to add, any "aha" moments that capture your attention?


Formal Practice: 3–5 times this week do a 10–minute meditation

Informal Practice: Become an observer of yourself and your environment:

When you brush your teeth daily, bring your attention to the sensation of the bristles of the tooth brush.