Council Curriculum: Week 4

Theme of the Week: proximity and touch

Council Prompt of the Week
For use during your circle this week.

"A story or a time I got too close . . . "


People I move toward and those I move away from . . . "


"People I'd like to be around if I could choose . . . "

Suggested Study and Practice

With this week's topic in mind, below you will find material that we invite you to explore and practice on your own

or with a small group. If possible, try to do so prior to your weekly Council circle.


James Hamblin for The Atlantic "Why One Neuroscientist Started Blasting His Care"

Listen to video: n/a

 Read Transcript:


Below are suggestions for writing topics in your own personal "Gratitude Journal."

Daily Gratitude Practice: Write down something for which you are grateful.

This Week's Reflection

Write a short reflection on the assignment this week:

  • Describe your intuitive sense/understanding of how your physical body informs or impacts your mental state and well being. 
  • What insights, if any did you find in this article?


Formal Practice: 3–5 times this week do a 10–minute meditation

Informal Practice: Become an observer of yourself and your environment:

Appreciate Your Hands
Several times a day, when your hands are busy, watch them as though they belonged to a stranger. Look at them also when they are still. Notice the sensations of your hands working, and in stillness. Marvel at the architecture of these structures and how helpful they are.