Council Curriculum: Week 2

Theme of the Week: how does my body feel; how do I hold my body with others, showing up

Council Prompt of the Week
For use during your circle this week.

"A story of a time I felt really strong . . . "


"A message I have received from my body and what I did or did not do about it . . . "

Suggested Study and Practice

With this week's topic in mind, below you will find material that we invite you to explore and practice on your own

or with a small group. If possible, try to do so prior to your weekly Council circle.


Bessel van der Kolk: How Trauma Lodges in the Body

Listen to audio:

 Read Transcript:


Below are suggestions for writing topics in your own personal "Gratitude Journal."

Daily Gratitude Practice: Write down something for which you are grateful.

This Week's Reflection

Write a short reflection on the assignment this week:

  • Are you aware of how trauma lives in your own body?
  • How do you respond when anxiety, stress and trauma emerge in little and larger ways? Do you notice?
  • Does this impact how you show up in uniform to the public, or how you show up at home?


Formal Practice: 3–5 times this week do a 10–minute meditation

Informal Practice: Become an observer of yourself and your environment:

When eating, just eat

This week, identify a few times when you're eating or drinking, and don't do anything else. Open all your senses as you eat or drink. Notice colors, textures, smells, temperatures, tastes, sounds. Enjoy the experience of eating and drinking. See if you can spend five minutes of each meal doing this practice, and once daily with your favorite beverage.