Council Curriculum: Week 19

Theme of the Week: Energetic/Spiritual Awareness: moment of grace/when "the force" is with me

Council Prompt of the Week

For use during your circle this week.

"A story of a time when things felt right, when time slowed down, when an answer came to you . . . "


"Something that inspires me . . . "

Suggested Study and Practice

With this week's topic in mind, below you will find material that we invite you to explore and practice on your own

or with a small group. If possible, try to do so prior to your weekly Council circle.


Sharon Salzberg: "Self-love is an Adventure, Not a Destination

Listen to video: n/a

 Read Transcript:


Below are suggestions for writing topics in your own personal "Gratitude Journal."

Daily Gratitude Practice: Write down something for which you are grateful.

This Week's Reflection

Write a short reflection on the assignment this week:

  • Is there an opportunity for me to become more skillful at self-compassion?
  • How might this impact how I show up in the world and encounter others?


Formal Practice: 3–5 times this week do a 10–minute meditation

Informal Practice: Become an observer of yourself and your environment

Secret Acts of Virtue

Each day for a week, engage in a secret act of virtue or kindness. Do something nice or needed for others, and do so anonymously. This can be very simple, like washing someone else’s dishes that were left in the sink (at work and home), picking up trash on the sidewalk, cleaning the bathroom sink (or toilet) when it's not your job, making an anonymous donation, or some other act of kindness.