Corporate Wellness

Learn and Apply the Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Many workplace environments are experiencing increased stress and anxiety. When employees are stressed out, it ripples through the whole culture of an organization with adverse effects in many areas such as inter-personal communications, trust, creativity, productivity and the ability to build strong, effective teams. 

Our Corporate Wellness program offers an Employee Wellness program that can effectively address stress and anxiety immediately. Some of the meditation benefits for your business are: 

  • Decreased stress and tension
  • Increased capacity to listen
  • Increased sensitivity to others' point of view
  • A time to integrate confusing and troubling experiences
  • Increased energy, vitality and wakefulness
  • Increased focus and awareness
  • A healthier, calmer sense of self 
  • Increased clarity and groundedness

Large companies such as Google now offer mindfulness meditation programs to their employees because they know how important it is to reduce stress in the workplace. When workers are able to deal more effectively with stress, they are happier, more productive, healthier and more focused on their work. 

Our Corporate Wellness Program

The Zen Life & Meditation Center of Chicago offers a 3 tier Corporate Wellness program as follows:

  • Employee Wellness
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Employee Development

Employee Wellness

The first tier of our Corporate Wellness program consists of a presentation at your workplace that introduces the nature of mindfulness and how it can help your employees deal more effectively with stress, burn-out, anxiety and interpersonal communications.

This 1 hour program includes a guided meditation and simple instructions in how to meditate. This mindful quality of awareness can bring employees immediate relief from crippling anxiety, raise morale and increase focus.

We are open to offering this on an ongoing basis at your work as well. The fee for this offering is $500.

Executive Leadership Development

This is a customized program with Zen Master Robert Althouse and Senior Leaders of your business. After meeting and assessing the particular needs of your business, Althouse will present a proposal that addresses the root causes for the problems your business is experiencing. This program can address several areas of leadership as follows:

  • Building Pinpoint Focus
  • Motivating & Inspiring the Workforce
  • Communicating with Clarity and Precision
  • Resolving Differences Effectively

This program can be organized as themed classes or private sessions with a particular leader in your company. Depending on the level of customization, the cost for this service will range from $500 to $750/hour.

Employee Development

These are themed, 90 minute classes that focus on building consistent, high performance while maintaining a balance of wellness physically, emotionally and mentally. Areas of focus can include:

  • Building Effective and Sustainable Workplace Relationships
  • Resolving Differences Skillfully
  • Improving Personal Motivation and Leadership Qualities
  • Building and Increasing Trust
  • Strengthening Self Worth

The fee for this program is $500. It is suitable for both individuals, departments, and cross-functional teams.

The Zen Life & Meditation Center of Chicago is available to help your business today. Let us show you how we can partner with your business to help you better fulfill your mission and goals. 

"The PwC Chicago office has benefited significantly from Robert's visits. Robert taught an introductory session in the fall that deepened our awareness and understanding of what mindful meditation is and how it can benefit the workplace environment. We learned how to incorporate short meditations in our every day lives, at home, at our desks, during slow times and busy times, alike. We had Robert return several times to give guided meditations to the people on our tax team. The depth of positive feedback we received is a testament to Robert's profound understanding of and ability to teach the subject matter. His patience and willingness to help others learn, even in a busy corporate environment is a true gift."

Annie Kinman, Tax Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers