gendlin"I call the process focusing. It is a process in which you make contact with a special kind of internal bodily awareness. I call this awareness a felt sense. A felt sense is usually not just there, it must form. You have to know how to let it form by attending inside your body. When it comes, it is at first unclear, fuzzy. By certain steps it can come into focus and also change. A felt sense is the body's sense of a particular problem or situation.

A felt sense is not an emotion. We recognize emotion. We know when we are angry, or sad, or glad. A felt sense is something you do not at first recognize–it is vague and murky. It feels meaningful, but not known. It is a body-sense of meaning. When you learn how to focus, you will discover that the body finding its own way provides its own answers to many of your problems."

from Focusing by Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D