Felt Sense

"In working with the felt sense, we need to counteract the way in which conceptual thinking usually dominates our waking consciousness. We have to learn how to drop the story line of discursive thought in order to enter the nonconceptual felt space of direct experience. The story line is our internal narrative about our life experiences. It helps us make sense of our experiences and allows us to share them with others—both very important—but it is an interpretation of experience rather than the experience itself. This is a subtle point: most of the time we get along fine without differentiating direct experience from our interpretations of it. But it is a crucial difference. Like the proverbial finger pointing at the moon, our interpretation points towards the experience, but if we take it as the whole truth, we lose the connection to our actual, lived experience and can easily end up misleading ourselves. To contact experience directly, we need to release the story line and sense, beneath it, how our body is actually living our life situations. " from Your Body Knows the Answer by David Rome