Getting on With It

aitkenroshi"This is the great joke of Zen. It is the great joke of the universe. There is no absolute at all, and that is the absolute. Enlightenment is practice, as Dogen Zenji said. And what is practice? Getting on with it. When you defend, you are blocking practice. When you dance, you are getting on with it. Lightness and heaviness form the contrast we find between those who can dance and those who are preoccupied with themselves. Lightness comes with the experience that one's center is the great void itself. This is the place of great peace. Like the the Buddha emerging from beneath the Bodhi tree, you come forth from the experience of pure emptiness into the sangha, into the dance of samsara.

Sangha is the treasure of the Buddha Tao, ranking with enlightenment and the truth. Singing and dancing are the voice of the Dharma; cooking and gardening are the voice of the Buddha. Sangha is the complementarity of unity and diversity, of emptiness and form. Sangha is the story of the Buddha, lived out in our work together."

from Mind of Clover by Robert Aitken Roshi