Mother of my birth, for how long were we togetherin your love and my adoration of your self? For the shadow of a moment as I breathed your pain and you breathed my suffering, as we knew of shadows in lit rooms that would swallow the light.

Your face beneath the oxygen tent was alive but your eyes were closed. Your breathing was hoarse but your sleep was with death. I was alone with you as it was when I was young but only alone now and now with you. I was to be alone forever as I was learning, watching you become alone.

Earth is your mother as you were mine, my earth, my sustenance, my comfort and my strength and now without you I turn to your mother and seek from her that I may meet you again in rock and stone: whisper to the stone, I love you; whisper to the rock, I found you; whisper to earth, Mother, I have found my mother and I am safe and always have been.

David Ignatow