The Fruits of Your Generosity Come Due


Our New Home Fund Campaign will conclude at the end of this month, April 2019. So now it’s time to say thank you. Thank you to the hundreds of you who supported us with your generous gifts and your kind support. Thank you to all of you who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this dream a reality. Thank you to the artists who generously donated your art so that we can now enjoy the beauty of our Sangha together in this new home. We are so grateful for our strong and warm-hearted sangha community. We have a magnificent community of dedicated Zen practitioners. We also are unique in that we are further enriched by the aloha and open hearts of our beautiful Hula community which has worked, danced, and performed to raise funds to help us make this purchase.

Our goal was to raise another $50,000 to help us close and move into our new home at 46 Lake Street in Oak Park, and we raised $34,000 of that amount. Since we began our first fundraising campaign to purchase this property last year, we have now raised $184,000. It’s amazing how much we raised in such a short time.

Once we close on April 29, 2019 and take possession of the property another kind of work begins. Preparing the property and moving. And here too, we have many stepping forward to volunteer with hands and feet to paint walls, clean, pack and carry boxes and furniture to our new home.

So, all we want to say now is thank you. We were surprised, delighted and humbled by the strength of your generosity and now you are about to see the fruits of your gifts and kindness. We plan to have an Eye-Opening Ceremony and Celebration on Saturday, June 29th. Details and invitations will be forthcoming.

With deepest respect, and gratitude,

The GEM Circle

and Co-founders, Sensei June Ryushin Tanoue
and Roshi Robert Joshin Althouse