“The Pattern that Connects” Art Exhibition at ZLMC of Roshi Robert Althouse's Paintings


Roshi Robert Althouse will have an exhibition of some of his paintings at Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago for the next month called “The Pattern that Connects”. The exhibition will open on Sunday, March 24, 2019 with his Teisho at Sunday Morning Zen on “Seeing Wholeness Where there is Division and the Bodhisattva Path”. The exhibition will run through April 20, 2019. All paintings will be for sale ranging from $195 to $225. All proceeds will go towards the New Home Fund Campaign for ZLMC’s new home at 46 Lake Street.

Artist Statement:

A sacred thread weaves a tapestry of blood and bones, skin and hair, wings and feathers, leaves and branches, mountains and rivers. Layer upon layer. Thread upon thread. Strings and holes are always whole and laced together in a web of ever-changing circumstance.

Works in this exhibition are selected from six bodies of work including: The Pattern that Connects, Evolution, Metamorphosis,, Pamsula, 10 Ox-herding Pictures and Seasons of Zen. The larger collection of my other works may be seen on my website at

I am a painter and my medium is the computer, where I draw using a stylus on a wacom tablet and then print to various surfaces such as paper, canvas, or as in the case for this exhibition, metal. 

~Roshi Robert Joshin Althouse