"The Circle of the Way"     Art Exhibition - Paintings of Lori Shinko Snyder


Art Exhibition: March 3–17, 2019

I started painting Enso's in 2017 while in retreat (sesshin), after being inspired from reading Kazuaki Tanahashi. I realize that in order to paint the Enso, I need to be completely present for the brush, the paper, and the paint, and then the Enso paints me. I am changed from each one I paint, and surprised by what shows up each time. It is a practice of watching your mind, and being alive for the moment as it is. ~ Lori Shinko Snyder

All paintings are for sale, and all proceeds will go to the New Home Fund. The exhibition will take place at 38 lake Street in Oak Park.

Robert Althouse

Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago, 38 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL, 60302