Many Hearts Make One Home

Our Launch Party in 2018 at 46 Lake Street in Oak Park, IL

Our Launch Party in 2018 at 46 Lake Street in Oak Park, IL

We’re Back on Track

For the last 8 years, ZLMC has rented a small storefront on the east-side of Oak Park, Illinois. Because of our growth and success, we have out-grown this space. We began searching for our new home in early 2018 and found a mixed-use space at 46 Lake Street, Oak Park that met our needs and with excellent upgrades to the building’s infrastructure.

In order to secure a loan and make a downpayment, we mounted a fundraising effort with a goal of raising $150,000 last fall. In a remarkable show of support, we raised this amount in just ten weeks from some 200 plus donors. Through this process we have learned that our location in Oak Park matters, and that this space will meet our needs for future growth and service to our community.

Now, in order to purchase the 46 Lake Street building and cover start up costs such as professional services, signage, appliances, furniture and minor repairs we aim to raise $50,000 for our New Home Fund. A generous donation of $20,000 from an anonymous donor has jump-started reaching this goal! We want to raise the remaining $30,000 by late Spring.

We hope that you’re as happy as we are and will contribute to our New Home Fund. You’ll deepen ZLMC’s roots of peace and spread our branches within Oak Park and the greater Chicago-lands community. Please help us now in our push to the close!

Many Hearts make one home,

GEMS Circle

Susan Keijo Sensemann, Co-Steward
Rev. Diane Myogetsu Bejcek, Co-Steward
Gina Eshin Bilotto
Moira Bryan
Ian Jokai Davis
Skye Lavin
Vivienne Lund
Lori Shinko Snyder
Linda Gyokuzan Warring
Sensei June Ryushin Tanoue
Roshi Robert Joshin Althouse

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