Monday Morning Zen


Everyone knows what I mean by self-talk. It's the voice you listen to in your head all day long. If you begin to explore this voice you'll discover it's not as solid as you thought, and it gives you contradictory advice. 

Externalize that voice. Put it on your right side and call it your life coach. Listen to your life coach speak to you. Would you tolerate someone speaking to you like that? I don't think so. You'd say, "You're a terrible life coach and your fired."

Ask yourself why you give that voice so much authority. Do you think it is who you really are? Let me suggest that voice has very little to do with who you are. Rather you are the one who hears that voice. 

Mindful awareness helps you reflect on your thoughts; to have a meta-awareness of them. You aren't denying the thoughts, but you aren't solidifying them either. You aren't giving them so much authority. 

In the Primer Series classes we teach at the Zen Life & Mediation Center, Chicago, you can learn how to strengthen this awareness in yourself through a regular practice of meditation. It makes all the difference in the world.

Roshi Robert Althouse © 2016