Anger Against Children

"Parents take their children into the deepest Oregon forests.And leave them there. When the children Open the lunchbox, there are stones inside, and a note saying, "Do your own thing." And what would the children do if they found their way home in the moonlight? The planes have already landed on Maui, the parents are on vacation. Our children live with a fear at school and in the house. The mother and father do not protect the younger child from the savagery of the others. Parents don't want to face the children's rage, Because the parents are also in rage.

This is the rage that shouts at children. This is the rage that cannot be satisfied. Because each year more ancient Chinese art objects go on display. So the rage goes inward at last. It ends in doubt, in self-doubt, dyeing the hair, and love of celebrities. The rage comes to rest at last in the talk show late at night, When the celebrities without anger or grief tell us that only the famous are good, only they live well."

Robert Bly