Human Attention

"So I look back to this history and I say, 'What were the new people doing?' We are the new people now, but what were they doing then? First of all, they lived in towns. The other people were on the land. So I would like to introduce a new term and call us 'the Town.' By which I mean all the new methods, not just Focusing. All the new methods, all the psychological sophistication, all the interactional training, all the therapy, all that stuff is the Town. And we need to become conscious that we are producing a new product. And the product is human attention. And the product isn't very good right now. Mostly right now that attention is not great...

These days the business world is looking to this new Town to be taught how to pay attention. And this is going on all over. It's well known in the business world that more than half the failures there have to do with a failure in interpersonal relations. Such failures come from not knowing how to give interhuman attention properly. I could tell stories about that, but everybody can. People know they need this now. They need to improve the quality of the kind of interhuman attention they can give others."

Eugene Gendlin