5 Good Reasons to Take the Zen Life Series

Continuing the Journey of living a Zen-inspired Life

1. Building on a Strong Foundation

If you've finished the Foundation (used to be Primer) Series, you've learned about the nature and depth of mindfulness and what is possible when you take living a Zen-inspired life seriously. In the middle three classes you learned foundational principles about embodied openness, managing your emotions and finding clarity. The Zen Life Series uses what you’ve learned in the Foundation Series to take a deeper dive into Zen by laying out the principles and practice of the Zen spiritual path. This series will help you find more meaning and purpose in your life and lead you on a deeper path of inquiry and service.  

2. Foundation Series are Instructional, Zen Life Series are Aspirational

The Foundation Series are just that - foundational. They teach you basic principles and introduce you to the power of mindfulness for wellness and the depth of Zen-inspired living for transforming your life. The Zen Life Series is different. The Zen Life Series is aspirational. You are learning about what it really means to live a Zen-inspired life and the practices that guide you to enter this deep transformative spiritual path. Using the attention and stability of mindfulness you’ve learned in the Foundation Series, the Zen Life Series will take you into a deeper inquiry about who you are and what it means for you to live your life to your greatest potential and capacity.

3. One class vs. Four classes

In the Primers you had one class to learn a powerful principle. It took the whole class to really understand the importance of this one idea. In the Gateways you have four classes to expand and apply that principle through learning a specific skill related to that principle. These skills are uncommonly practical and useful. But you're learning a new habit and and that takes time. Even though you think you know them intellectually, it's another thing to apply and use them in your daily life. 

4. Finding your Footing

The Gateway Series will teach you ways to function in your world with more confidence and skill. They will teach you invaluable processes that bring what you learned in the Primers to life. They will reinforce what you learned and they will take it further because now you empowering yourself through your own awareness. The Gateways will strengthen some basic sanity and goodness within your own experience and will help you really make it your own. 

5. Learning Tools for Zen-inspired Living

You probably know by now, that simple intellectual learning is not enough to live a Zen-inspired life. You need specific tools that are experiential and not merely intellectual. If you took the Primers Series you now have mindful awareness in your tool box. If you take the Gateway Series you'll be able to add three more tools to the box: Focusing, Compassionate Communication and Big Mind. These tools help you appreciate the unique gifts that you have to offer the world. When you trust yourself, you become more authentic and genuine and others around you notice your sincerity and fearlessness. You make friends with yourself and your world, and things become less problematic and more workable. You need tools for the journey. Take the Gateway Series and continue the journey you began in the Primer Series.