Ten Reasons to Try a Zen-inspire Life

1. More Accurate Sense of Self
Zen-inspired living helps you clarify the nature of your true self by giving you a more expansive way to approach your experience. By learning to be less fearful and more open, you are able to balance many aspects of yourself that were previously hidden, repressed or not appreciated.  

2. Clarify Your Purpose in Life
Zen-inspired living helps you learn to trust what is important. By clarifying your own core values you orient your life around unchanging principles. This sense of purpose anchors you in a way that increases your sense of bravery and self-worth. 

3. Discover Your Inner Riches
Zen-inspired living removes much of the self-consciousness you often have about living your life according to other people's expectations. It helps you enjoy and discover a wealth of inner resources you never knew existed before.

4. Health Benefits

  • Stress Relief and Reduced Anxiety
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Stronger Impulse Control 

Zen-inspired living is a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. There is much scientific evidence suggesting that mindfulness meditation promotes many health benefits that translate into peace of mind, sustained happiness and personal satisfaction.

5. More Focus, Clarity and Discernment in Your Life
Do you sometimes feel ungrounded, bewildered, or confused about your life? Zen-inspired living improves your quality of attention in a way that increases your ability to focus and follow through on your commitments. This clear awareness brings greater discernment about what is important and what is not. 

6. Great Appreciation of the World
Do you often feel alienated, isolated or disconnected from the world around you? A Zen-inspired lifestyle removes this sense of separateness. You discover, even in the smallest details of your daily life, an increased sense of wonder, delight and sacredness. 
When you make friends with yourself and your world in this way, things that seemed like unmanageable problems become more workable.

7. More Stable and Grounded
Sometimes we lose confidence. We don't feel like we're able to effectively handle the challenges we face. Whether it's dealing with our kids, our family or our job, we often doubt our ability to be effective. A Zen-inspired life helps you find emotional balance and stability that grounds you in the present. This allows you to approach challenging situations with more calmness and confidence and increases the likelihood of bringing events towards a positive outcome.

8. Dynamic Personal Leadership
A Zen-inspired life helps you appreciate the unique gifts you have to offer the world. By building trust and honoring your commitments you inspire and enroll others around you in a larger vision of what is possible. When your life is oriented towards service, and you are able to impact and help others, you experience increased joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

9. Stronger Interpersonal Relationships
A Zen-inspired life helps you open to others in a way that creates greater intimacy, authenticity and genuine friendship. When you listen to others deeply with empathy you nurture trust which is the foundation for any healthy relationship. When you use speech skillfully you strengthen trust and cooperation, allowing you to be heard, valued and appreciated by others. 

10. Time-tested Wisdom That's Still Relevant Today
A Zen-inspired life is not a fad. It arises from an authentic path of wisdom that is thousands of years old. Its practice leads to a more effective life of openness, empathy and clarity. When you trust yourself in this way, others will notice your sincerity and genuineness. They will respect and appreciate you for being fearless, present and clear. We invite you to give Zen-inspired living a try today!