Getting Started

Begin a Journey toward Zen-inspired living Today

Core Curriculum

We have designed a comprehensive Core Curriculum consisting of our Core Primer Series and our Core Gateway Series to give practical and down-to-earth tools for beginning the journey of living a Zen-inspired life with a strong foundation of mindfulness meditation.

The place to begin is with Core Primer Series. That series consists of 8 classes and 2 practice classes. We strongly recommend that you take the classes in the order they are given, so you would want to begin with Primer 1: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation.

The classes build on each other, each one taking you more deeply into the practice of mindfulness meditation and how to begin applying this awareness in different aspects of your daily life.

We also strongly recommend that you take Primer classes 1 through 6 before taking any of the Gateway Series classes,

Over 1,300 people from all over Chicago and neighboring states have taken our Primer series and have benefited from these teachings. We are honored to share these teachings with you. This is our passion and our commitment; to empower you to live a Zen-inspired life of openness, empathy and clarity.